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Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas is a creative artist, muralist, and designer. But it wasn’t always his full-time job. In 2013, tired of the corporate life, he traded his suit for a paint brush and has been making a living creating ever since. From empowering murals and art to inspiring apparel and accessories, he built the Live Through Love brand one project at a time.


By using the urban landscape as his main canvas, Ruben creates murals that fill vacant walls with vibrant reminders to dream big, feel beautiful, and to love. But his work extends beyond murals and city walls. He has spoken on stages for TEDx, Summit of Greatness, and others; has consulted for corporations and brands to help them give back; has enhanced workspaces and raised awareness on important issues; and has designed art and products for anyone to engage with...all while helping spread the message of how art creates impact and inspires love.


Ruben’s mission is to ignite creativity and inspire others to see the world through the lens of love.

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